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Meditation VS Detention

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Mindfulness & meditation are buzzwords becoming more and more popular in school settings, especially as interventions for challenging behaviours that would typically send a student to detention. Although they can sound like elusive or lofty concepts, you don’t need to be a yogi or expert mediator to bring these practices ... Read More »

Social Media for Your Daycare Business


Many ECEs are hesitant to employ social media in the daycare classroom. There are concerns about privacy, finding the time and negative feedback. ECE Debbi Sluys is a childcare center director and firmly believes that with the right policies, transparent communication and 10-15 minutes a day, ECEs should use social ... Read More »

Benefits of a Primary Caregiver


In order to receive high quality care, forming a secure attachment with a Primary Caregiver away from home is an asset. Children in both large daycare centers and smaller home daycares have been found to benefit when they have a Primary ECE Caregiver assigned to them. Here are the benefits ... Read More »

5 Things to Know Before Sending your Child to Daycare


ECE Kim Derrick has worked in childcare and early learning centers for nearly a decade and she’s learned a thing or two about first-timers. Here are a few tips she wishes more parents knew before that very first day. Keep the goodbyes short and sweet. While it may feel tough ... Read More »

Getting Through the First Day of Childcare


Sending kids in for that first day of childcare is an emotional endeavor. The kids are scared, you’re nervous and you just want the transition to be as smooth as possible. These ECE recommended tips are instrumental in minimizing tears and nerves on the big day. Stay positive. Children can ... Read More »