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Learning Through Play

Mix it Up with Movement Stories

Girl Yoga

You have your kids seated for story time, their hands are criss-cross applesauced in their lap and two pages in they’re wide-eyed with wonder. By the fifth page, that wonder wanders and now you’re spending more time redirecting than telling a story. What happened? Story time became boring, but here’s ... Read More »

Involved VS Independent Play

Baby playing with block

As we know, children learn best through play. With a lack of playtime available in schools today, parents have an increased responsibility to teach children how to be independent and problem solve through play at home. There are two forms of play, independent play and involved play. They are equally ... Read More »

Kid Proof Your Technology


Any caregiver knows that keeping kids’ hands off places they don’t belong is a full time job. We’ve compiled a few great techniques to keep your electronics safe from a kid-hack to protect everyone’s safety and privacy. Use passwords to log in to your phone and computer. The extra 2 ... Read More »

Maintaining a Curiosity for Learning


Once the excitement of starting a new school year starts to fizzle out, it’s natural for kids to lose some interest in learning. One of the great things about the daycare curriculum however, is that it is focused on play-based learning, which is the most efficient way of maintaining interest ... Read More »

Kid Friendly Gardening Tips for Daycare or Home


Children learn best by doing and following by example. What better way to teach them about life, nurturing and responsibility than through the joy of gardening? Go ahead and get muddy with your kids this summer by following these great gardening tips. Plant a vegetable that will mature within a ... Read More »