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  • Meditation VS Detention

    Meditation VS Detention

    Mindfulness & meditation are buzzwords becoming more and more popular in school settings, especi...


Benefits of a Primary Caregiver


In order to receive high quality care, forming a secure attachment with a Primary Caregiver away from home is an asset. Children in both large daycare centers and smaller home daycares have been found to benefit when they have a Primary ECE Caregiver assigned to them. Here are the benefits ... Read More »

Thrifty Holiday Gifting


It’s the holiday season and for many of us, that means shopping time. And while the true spirit of this time of the year resides in our hearts and in our time spent with loved ones, there is also a great deal of time spent for gift giving…especially for our ... Read More »

Holiday Activities on a Budget


The holidays are busy, stressful and expensive. Spending time together as a family will help relieve anxiety and create happy memories. Here are five activities you can do with your children without breaking the bank. Walk through your neighborhood and look at the beautiful lights. Have everyone vote on their ... Read More »

How to Throw a Fun & Budget Friendly Birthday Party


Celebrating your child’s birthday is great way share a good time with friends and family in celebration of your little one’s milestone! But if panic starts to set in, here are six tips for planning a unique and awesome bash on a budget!   Settle on a time and a ... Read More »

How to Home School


Montessori teacher Kim Derrick is an advocate for home schooling. Her three-year-old and 18-month-old sons have been learning at home because Kim knows that very young children are capable of extraordinary things, given the proper tools and space to work. Here are 5 things she has found helpful during her ... Read More »