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  • Meditation VS Detention

    Meditation VS Detention

    Mindfulness & meditation are buzzwords becoming more and more popular in school settings, especi...


Dealing with Scary Images in the Media


It’s nearly impossible to shield little eyes and ears from all the disturbing images found on TVs, computers, and print media. While we all want to teach our children about the world it can be tough to explain sometimes. Here are 5 RECE recommended tips to help navigate disturbing images ... Read More »

My experience with separation anxiety and child care


My Mom Anxiety My daughters experienced the care of their grandmother, a home-based child care in my neighbourhood and a child care facility connected with the school they would eventually attend. All three situations had their advantages and drawbacks but they all enabled my husband and me to return to ... Read More »

What to do When They Cry at Drop-Off


What a way to start the day! You’ve just dropped off your daughter and the child care staff had to pry her tiny fingers from your pant leg. As the early childhood educator walked away with her, you could see her consoling your daughter; but it is still so hard. This very stressful ... Read More »

How to make life easier with family routines


The challenge of juggling home and work is so huge that many moms feel very disorganized, even out-of-control on the home front. Just thinking about routines – let alone trying to implement them – may seem overwhelming, but here parenting expert Alyson Schafer explains why it’s worth making the effort ... Read More »

Top 8 Tech Toys for Families


Our children are growing up in a different world than the one we experienced. It can be overwhelming not knowing which gadget is better than the other, and which ones are actually kid friendly. Here’s my top eight tech gadgets offering a variety of entertainment for the whole family: Fitbit ... Read More »