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  • Meditation VS Detention

    Meditation VS Detention

    Mindfulness & meditation are buzzwords becoming more and more popular in school settings, especi...


What is Montessori?


Montessori is not a trademarked name – any school no matter what kind of curriculum they run, can use “Montessori” in their title. So when it comes to the value of the name of your child’s school, it could be a little or a lot. When choosing a school for ... Read More »

Teach your kids about social media


“I think you’re missing one of your parental obligations if you don’t teach your children about social media,” says Social Family panelist Alyson Schafer, a psychotherapist, parenting expert and avid social media user. Schafer was speaking in February 2012 along with Royan Lee (father and teacher who has been using ... Read More »

Yoga in Childcare – What are the benefits?


“Yay!” thirteen young children chant as Mai Meret, owner of 123 Kids Yoga, walks into a classroom at Courtleigh Place Child Care Centre. They see her bright, familiar smile and her bagful of yoga mats and they know that today is “yoga day.” “Yoga is good for people of all ... Read More »