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  • Meditation VS Detention

    Meditation VS Detention

    Mindfulness & meditation are buzzwords becoming more and more popular in school settings, especi...


Getting Through the First Day of Childcare


Sending kids in for that first day of childcare is an emotional endeavor. The kids are scared, you’re nervous and you just want the transition to be as smooth as possible. These ECE recommended tips are instrumental in minimizing tears and nerves on the big day. Stay positive. Children can ... Read More »

End Thumb-Sucking Today


Many young children suck their thumbs as a way to soothe and comfort themselves. Long term thumb-sucking may lead to problems with teeth, speech and language, and is often a hard habit to break. Here are some tips to help young children stop thumb-sucking as soon as possible. Identify the ... Read More »

When Young Children Swear


When young children swear or use foul language it can take adults by surprise. Where did she learn that? Has he said that word to anyone else? Here are 5 tips parents and educators can implement when a child uses an expletive: Ignore it. Sometimes a child may swear without ... Read More »

Communicating with Children who have Special Needs


All children want to be included, have friends and feel like they belong. The following tips show how we can do our best to make children feel this way every day. If there is a child who has special needs at your child’s school or childcare centre, here are some things ... Read More »

Child-Proofing Checklist for any Home or Daycare


We asked our experts and scoured the internet for the most vital health and safety points for daycares to implement in order to keep kids safe. These tips are just as useful for child-proofing a home or any kid friendly environment. How does your daycare/home measure up to our child-proofing ... Read More »