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Rearing Respectful Children

Teaching respect to children happens when parents model the behavior that they want to see. Children learn most by watching what their parents do and say on a daily basis and are their major source of inspiration. The following examples are prime times to demonstrate respectful behavior:

Manners at mealtimes. Say please and thank you whenever possible at the table. Your child will catch on and start employing those words themselves.

Encourage your child to return greetings when spoken to. However, do not make it into a negative experience by forcing them.

When your child talks back to you, tell them how you feel when they say that and what they could have said instead.

Treat your child with respect and they will return the respect. Giving your child choices in minor decisions is a great way to show your respect for them. It shows that you trust their choice.

As an adult, always show respect and act respectful towards others, especially in front of your children.

Susan Mann is an RECE and has her Resource Teacher Certificate. She works for Children’s Services in Huron County as a Resource Consultant. Susann is a mother of two grown boys who are both in University.

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