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How Resilient is Your Child?

Resiliency in children builds over time. In the child care environment, some kids find it easy to bounce back from defeat and some breakdown when faced with adversity. Here are some tips on helping children recover from day-to-day difficulties.

6 Tips To Help Build Resiliency:

Both parents and caregivers should model resilient behavior. If a problem arises, label it as a problem and demonstrate good behavior by staying calm and searching for solutions.

Build positive relationships with children and be aware of what their needs are. Build on their strengths and support their weaknesses.

Allow children to have choices and control. If they choose sandals instead of rain boots on a rainy day they will learn for the future. With that control they will become more successful and have an easier time recovering.

Supply them with problem solving tools. If they are in a confrontation, don’t just step in and solve it.

Give children tips to work it out themselves and come up with their own solutions.

Help children build their own self-perception through games and stories. This will allow them to reflect, control their negative impulses and build empathy towards others.

Thanks to this week’s contributor Candy Anderberg from Jolly Giant Childcare Ltd. for sharing her ideas with TogetherFamilies.com. Candy is an ECE and has been working in the childcare field for 12 years.

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