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1. What grades do you teach? *
2. In a given school year what would you estimate is the average number of days missed by a student due to illness? *
3. Does your school differentiate between absences taken for illness, vacations and for other reasons? *
4. Have you noticed that academic performance starts to decline after a certain number of missed school days? *
5. If yes, at what point do you notice student academic performance suffering due to illness and missed school days?
6. How valuable would it be to receive help reducing student sick days? *
8. Cold and flu seasons can seriously impact school days missed. Does your school have any specific policies regarding cold and flu prevention during these periods? *
9. Do you notice an increase in missed school days during cold and flu season compared to the rest of the year? *
10. If there is a cold, flu or other outbreak in your school, whose responsibility is it to communicate the outbreak prevention initiatives to parents? *
11. Who makes the decision on which products to use for classroom cleaning? *
12. How do you communicate outbreak information to parents? *
13. Deciding if a child should be sent home from school can be a difficult decision. Who in your school makes those decisions? *
14. Do you ever have to take sick days when you catch a cold or flu from your students? *
16. Which of the following items do you ask students to bring on their school supply lists? *
17. Teachers often use their own money for classroom supplies such as disinfecting wipes, tissues, etc. Have you ever used your own money to purchase these types of supplies? *
18. As a teacher, are you aware of the link between the presence of germs, surface hygiene and student illness in your classroom? *
19. Do you feel confident in correctly identifying students’ illnesses? *
20. Does your school have guidelines to help determine if a child should be kept home from school? *
21. Do you currently practice any of the following hygiene habits with your students? *
22. On a scale from 1-5, how concerned are you about the presence of germs in the classroom? *