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Is it a Cold or the Flu?

Everyone wants to start off the new year feeling strong and motivated. The last thing children and adults need, is to be kicked down by a nasty cold or the dreaded flu. When the temperature drops, our immune systems become less effective at fighting off new germs and viruses which is why we get sick. The first step to tackling a sickness is to decide if it is a cold or the flu.

A Cold

Lasts for a few days and generally isn’t serious

There are around 200 cold viruses

The main symptoms are congestion and sore throat

The best prevention is a healthy body and basic germ prevention

The Flu

Can last for weeks and have bad complications

There are only 3 flu viruses (A, B and C)

Symptoms include fever and body aches

A vaccine is available and changes every year

Keep Germs Out of the Classroom!