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Keep Germs Out of the Classroom!

Keeping a sick kid home from childcare or school is far from convenient for busy parents. However, if your child has the tale-tell signs of an approaching cold or flu, don’t risk infecting the rest of the center. To prevent the spread of germs, ECEs recommend following these steps.

Review your center’s sick children policy. This is also something you should keep in mind when looking into a center for the first time. If you aren’t going to be able to follow their rules, it isn’t the center for you.

Inform the center when a child is sick. This will allow them to inform the other families and staff, which will increase communal awareness.

Encourage your center to send out reminders to parents about keeping ill children at home in the fall and winter months when colds and flu are common.

Teach your children the importance of hand washing and how to cover their mouths when they sneeze.

If you see another child in the center who is clearly sick and contagious ask that your child be kept away from them and practice extra germ prevention techniques.

Thanks to Maureen Bailey from Jackman Community Daycare in Ontario for sharing her ideas with Together Families.

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