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Bullying: What Can Parents and Teachers Do to Help?

Educators often describe problematic behaviours as:

Physical harm to any member of the school

Verbally abusive behaviour

Damage to school property

Non-compliance with the rules

Behaviour that requires an unreasonable amount of staff attention

Here are some steps that adults can follow in ensuring these behaviours do not escalate:


Encourage your kids to be positive and kind in the face of adversity.

If you have a partner, make sure you act as a team.

Enroll kids in extra curricular activities to encourage healthy social behaviours.

Exercise, diet and sleep can contribute to a positive mood.

Be involved in your child’s life, ask them about their day.

Talk to the parents of the other children involved in the scuffle. Work together to foster compassion and kindness.


Play tribe-building activities with your students that focus on cooperation and group work.

Make sure all students enter the playground with a positive mind set.

Teach children to embrace each other’s differences and keep your eyes out for any exclusion.

Give children space to problem solve but be sure to step in quickly if you sense the issue is escalating.

Teach alternative ways for children to deal with their anger.

Enforce the rules and see that they are taken seriously.

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