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The Benefits of a Primary Caregiver

The Benefits of a Primary Caregiver

In order to receive high quality care, forming a secure attachment with a Primary Caregiver away from home is an asset. Children in both large daycare centers and smaller home daycares have been found to benefit when they have a Primary ECE Caregiver assigned to them. Here are the benefits for children, caregivers and parents:

Children experience less stress. A primary caregiver is able to recognize and responds to a child’s needs. The child experiences less stress and develops a trusting relationship with the caregiver.

Children are more successful communicating nonverbally and verbally. This is an infant’s first opportunity to learn to trust, by having a responsive daily caregiver.

Children are supported in developing relationships with other children. Children are more successful with social skills (e.g. negotiating conflict) when they are encouraged and supported by a caregiver they have a special bond with.

Parents build a consistent relationship with their child’s primary caregiver to ensure greater communication. Trusting environments encourage families to share more sensitive information.

Caregivers have a deeper understanding of the child’s development. They may also develop a greater emotional satisfaction from longer-term relationships with children and families when there is continuity of care.

Kamilla K is a Registered Early Childhood Educator who has worked as an ECE in both Large Daycare Centers and in the Full Day Kindergarten School Program. Her commitment to offering High Quality Early Education has led her to open her own Home Daycare in Aurora, ON. She Blogs about her Home Daycare Adventures at www.KamsCare.com/blog

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