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Child-Proofing Checklist for any Home or Daycare

We asked our experts and scoured the internet for the most vital health and safety points for daycares to implement in order to keep kids safe. These tips are just as useful for child-proofing a home or any kid friendly environment. How does your daycare/home measure up to our child-proofing checklist?

  • Children are supervised at all times
  • Doors and windows are secure and any balconies are locked off
  • All sharp edges and corners are covered
  • Toys are disinfected and in good condition with no small, hazardous parts
  • Meals or snacks provided are nutritious
  • Safe area for sleeping/nap time
  • Separate and clean area for diapering and bathroom activities
  • Electric sockets covered
  • Medications and cleaning supplies out of reach
  • Safety gates securely fastened at top and bottom of staircases
  • Fully stocked first aid kit
  • Updated list of children’s allergies and medical needs
  • Functioning fire extinguishes, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Emergency numbers and evacuation plan easily accessible
  • All caregivers are first-aid trained

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