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Kindergarten Readiness Pt. 1 - The Checklist

Kindergarten teachers are able to see the difference in children that have attended a childcare center compared to those who have not. They believe that there is a specific skill set that children should have that is specifically taught in daycares. Follow the checklist below to see if your child is prepared for kindergarten.

Does your child…

Communicate their wants and needs?

Understand a sense of social hierarchy?

Show self-help skills?

Know their name and how to spell it?

Know some numbers and colours?

Know their address and phone number?

Understand how to use scissors safely?

Create with their imagination?

Follow rules?

Thanks to Osialine Marshall from BrightPath Early Learning & Childcare in Alberta for sharing her ideas with TogetherFamilies.com. Osialine is an RECE who has been working in the childcare filed for 27 years.

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