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Snow-Filled Winter Activities

Last week we shared some play ideas for kids in cities and towns without any snow. This week we’re turning the tables around and sharing some fun games for those of us with more snow than you can shake a shovel at. Check out these fun activities for your next family day.

The first rule of snow fun is to dress warm. Snow pants and coats are a must, but don’t forget the smaller details like tucking pants into socks, mittens into sleeves and scarves into collars.

Playing in the snow for 20 minutes or more is the kind of exercise you love because it doesn’t even feel like work. Throw some gentle snowballs and have fun falling over and getting back up again to get your muscles working and your heart rate up.When the temperature drops below freezing, get our your bubble blowing kit and watch how the bubbles freeze up.

Mix some water and food coloring into spray bottles and play graffiti artist for the day. Make sure to confine this activity to a safe place where nothing precious can get sprayed.

Bring your kid’s favorite plastic toys outside so they can play in the snow too. Use a dump truck to transport snow or set up figurines with their own igloo and snowmen.

Make snow angels on the ground and then decorate them with left over hats and mitts or even make faces with supplies from the kitchen. Have your child decorate your snow angel while they decorate yours for extra laughs.

Snow-Less Winter Activities