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Snow-Less Winter Activities

We can’t figure out if it’s a blessing or not, but some of us have barely had any snow this winter. With that, many families are wondering how to convince kids to get some fresh air and exercise without any igloos to construct or snowmen to build. Check out our snow-less winter fun activities to try this winter for inspiration:

Organize a simple scavenger hunt in the park. Have a list of items you need to collect as a team such as a fallen leaf, an animal sighting and the name of another child. Once you’ve collected all of the items you can treat yourselves to some hot chocolate.

Ice-skating rinks are mostly operational without snow. You can also find designated hills for snow tubing and other fun winter activities that have backup plans for when the slopes are dry.

Swap seasons and go for a swim! Most hotels will have day-passes that you can use to access their indoor pool. Bring some water games and goggles and spend a day frolicking in the waves.

Create a dance, song or comedy routine and upload it to social media. Add as many costumes and props as you like and get your creative juices flowing. Organize the kids on the block for a game of street hockey. Remind the older kids to be gentle on the young ones or sit and watch with your family on the sidelines.

Plan and shop for a meal together. Find a recipe that excites the child online and go shopping for it together. Bonus points if you have an outdoor market accessible.

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