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The Key to Learning Through Play

Play is the perfect way to lure a kid (or an adult) into subconsciously learning. In fact, it’s the tool educators and parents use to teach kids about language, physical development, intellectual skills and social norms. Just like other types of learning, play-based learning grows in stages from exploratory and collaborative to pretend play and play based activities. Here is a list of some important qualities children can learn while having a ball.

Fair Play is all about taking turns and sharing. If your child is hesitant to let go of their favourite toy to let a friend check it out, spend time with them and help them ease up their grip.

Collaboration is an important skill that many adults still haven’t mastered. If you can teach them to work in a group and lead, as well as follow, you’re off to a great start.

Through physical activities children will learn that there is literal strength in numbers. So much can be accomplished when people work together from carrying something heavy to illustrating ideas.

Kids can also learn that putting their heads together is a great way to problem solve. When people to come a solution with different backgrounds and ideas, two brains are better than one.

Through basic role-play scenarios, children can learn to help their friends who in turn will help them back. These skills are great for community building and understanding the wants and needs of others.

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