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Too Cold to Play Outside?

Now that we are officially deep into winter, we’ve mentally prepared ourselves for blizzards, hail, deep freezes and anything else that Jack Frost has in store. Kids love getting bundled up and playing in the snow, but what do you do when it’s too cold outside to play?

Try to find somewhere with ample space for kids to run around and let off some steam.

Young children might not understand the dangers of playing outside in freezing temperatures and still ask to go outside. Use this opportunity to teach them about safe winter play and the dangers of frostbite.

Keep in mind that children who are not mobile will get cold very quickly. A temperature that is manageable for an adult might still be too cold for an infant.

A great indoor winter activity is freestyle arts and crafts. Without any specific regulations, kids will still feel like they’re getting playtime while they exercise their imaginations.

If kids seem hyper and restless, try organizing an indoor scavenger hunt with materials found around the classroom or house.

When there’s not enough space for all the kids to run around at once, try creating a relay race that’s executed in teams.

Using masking tape, design a board for a beanbag toss, or set up a mini-bowling ally with plastic bottles.

There’s nothing like a dance party to get kids moving and faces smiling. Slow down the last few songs for a cool down.

You can even make cleaning up a fun activity. Section kids off and assign each group an area. Whichever group cleans up their area first gets to choose the next game!

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