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How to Throw a Fun and Budget Friendly Birthday Party

Celebrating your child’s birthday is great way share a good time with friends and family in celebration of your little one’s milestone! But if panic starts to set in, here are six tips for planning a unique and awesome bash on a budget!

Settle on a time and a number of guests. 1.5-2hrs is usually a good amount for a birthday party. Keep the guest list reasonable as well. Somewhere around 10 guests should be manageable.

Pick a theme. Ask your child what they’re interested in and then use that for your theme. Dinosaurs, blocks, bubbles…the possibilities are endless!

Get creative. Choose theme related books for free at the library! Use them for decorations, games or a storytelling segment. Take a visit to the dollar store and see what sorts of cool things you can find.
Ask for help. Get family members to help, not only with set up and clean up, but even to help facilitate the party. You can always ask a relative, or perhaps a babysitter, to come in and do some extra play time.

Have designated play areas. You might not have the freedom for guests to run around aimlessly. Separate your game stations so guests can take turns. Beanbag tosses (you can put beans in a tied up sock) are usually a hit!

Decorate your own cupcakes. A big cake can be nice, but remember that the spirit of the party comes from the fun of action! Having kids decorate their own cupcake is a fun activity that they’ll be happy to devour.

More than anything: enjoy yourself! Remember that this is a day to rejoice in another year of the health of your child! No matter how you do it, that’s something DEFINITELY worth celebrating!

Ashley Jefferson is the early childhood enthusiast and play advocate originally from Boston, Massachusetts. She currently serves as a family and early childhood consultant through her work in the classroom, play groups and local Atlanta events. For more information, please visit www.playenthusiasm.com.

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