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Early Intervention for Developmental Delays

Early intervention is a support system that daycares provide to assess physical, cognitive, or emotional delays in children. While every child develops at their own pace, it’s important for parents and caregivers to be aware of any possible developmental issues early on.

How to spot potential developmental delays in young children:

Try putting the child in an organized structured care environment where you can see the stages of development and where the child fits in. Keep in mind that all children develop at different rates.

Be aware of how the child interacts with other children. Are they struggling to make friends?

Take notice of their attention span and ability to follow instruction. Do they have problems focusing and only pay attention to video games? Does the child struggle to follow more than 2 instructions at a time?

Follow your instinct, if you feel like the child is behind take him/her to a family doctor and request a specialist in the area you feel the child is struggling in.

Thanks to Osialine Marshall from BrightPath Early Learning & Childcare in Alberta for sharing her ideas with TogetherFamilies. Osialine is an RECE who has been working in the childcare filed for 28 years.

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