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Teaching Generosity

As adults, we’re always trying to teach our children to share their snacks, their toys and to stay away from words like ‘gimme’. Besides drilling those practices into our kids’ heads, there are more comprehensive ways we can promote the idea of generosity. Take a peek at the tips below:

Whenever your child asks for a new toy, encourage them to donate one from their current collection. Don’t wait until toys have become ratty and have to be thrown out.

Do you give an allowance? Encourage them to donate a portion of that to a charity of their choice. You can accumulate their donations throughout the year and donate it along with any contribution of your own.

Suggest to your child on their next birthday to ask for toys for the less fortunate, or imperishable food items.

Teach your child to donate their time. Explore your community for different opportunities to help out together. Maybe you can visit a retirement centre on weekends or help out in the community garden after school.

Suggest a charitable bake sale at your child’s school or daycare. You’ll enjoy the time spent baking together and then class will bond over the shared project.

Show your child that buying clothes and food from local companies gives back to the community and helps sustain our planet.

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