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How to Avoid Using Bribery at Drop Off

How to Avoid Using Bribery at Drop Off

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Most of the time, if a child wants something from you, it’s your time and attention. When adults can’t supply that, they try to supplement their time with a toy or a promise. In the daycare atmosphere, if a parent bribes the child with a toy because they have to leave, the child will refuse to share or let the object go because they feel its their tie to mom or dad. This causes problems with other children and can lead to confrontations and acting out. Even though a bribe may seem like a harmless and even normal action, we’ve come up with 5 alternatives that will ultimately result in a happier child.

If your child is dreading their day at the centre, remind them what they enjoy about the program. Maybe its swim day or a favourite member of staff that will make them feel better about the day.

Leave a family picture with your child to have at daycare as a reminder that you will be seeing them soon.

If your day permits, phone your child at lunchtime to check in so they can connect with you.

Go over the day’s itinerary with an ECE and your child. Kids like to know what’s coming next and it gives them peace of mind.

When possible, especially in the mornings, give your child time and attention and be consistent with your expectations.

Thanks to Shannon Curtaz from Creative Play Childcare for sharing her ideas with TogetherFamilies.com. Shannon is an RECE and has been working in the childcare field for 18 years.

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