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5 Great Children's Books About Inclusivity and Kindness

5 Great Children's Books About Inclusivity and Kindness

1. Once Upon A Story You've Always Been Told - COVER.png

#1 Our first pick goes to Julie Sype and Mark Uhre's new, soon-to-be classic Once Upon a Story You've Always Been Told. Through engaging rhyme and endearing illustration we learn about a princess who finds herself in a classic predicament with an unexpected hero. This story touches on individuality and LGBT+ issues in a beautiful and loving way. Ages 5+

"Making the classroom a safe place for everyone is a modern mandate that needs the support of new stories. It is our hope that this little princess’s story will promote the space for other children to share their own.”
-Author, Julie Sype


#2 When My Worries Get Too Big, by Kari Dunn Buron is the book every adult wished they had as a kid. This adorable story aims to equip chidlren with real-life coping strategies to help tackle anxiety and ADHD. You might even find a useful trick in there for adults as well. The book also promotes compassion techniques for kids who might not comprehend the struggle experienced by their siblings or classmates.
Ages 6+


#3 Susan Laughs, by Jeanne Willis is the book that will make you wonder why it's on this list until you reach the end and realize that our protagonist uses a wheelchair. This story aims to teach kids that disabilities don't make you weird, they're just a facet of someone's day-to-day life. Susan's story is already a classic and has well deserved a spot on your bookshelf. Ages 4+


#4 And Tango Makes Three by Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell earned a spot on our list for it's natural and 'what's the big deal' way of addressing a family with same-sex parents. The story is based on two real-life penguins from Central Park Zoo and has won several nominations for it's handling of same-sex marriage and adoption. Ages 4+


#5 This Is How We Do It by Matt Lamothe is a fantastic look at the diverse and wonderful every day lives of children around the world. We're taken on a fascinating but relatable trip through Peru, Uganda, Russia, Italy, Japan, India and Iran in this non-fiction book that celebrates our differences and encourages a global view for both parents and children. Ages 5+

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