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Get Out and Get Active!

Kids’ fitness is an essential part of healthy living and young ones are more likely to live active lifestyles if they start early. With warmer weather approaching, here are the best forms of exercise for children and a few examples of how to master them in your own neighborhood.

Fit Factors:

Increases heart strength and lung capacity, burns calories and reduces stress.
Try a game of tag, swimming, skipping and soccer.
These involve constant movement and improve stamina.

This is often overlooked for children but it is very important.
Don’t use weights.
Play on the monkey bars, climb on play structures and jump on a trampoline.

Stretching is beneficial at any age, but especially for growing bodies.
Warm muscles up by starting with some jumping jacks or marching on the spot.
Hold each stretch for about 25 seconds and don’t bounce while holding.
Yoga is great for young minds and bodies.

Exercise for a Healthy Mind

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