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Kid Proof Your Technology

Any caregiver knows that keeping kids’ hands off places they don’t belong is a full time job. We’ve compiled a few great techniques to keep your electronics safe from a kid-hack to protect everyone’s safety and privacy.

Use passwords to log in to your phone and computer. The extra 2 seconds it’ll take you to log in every time is inevitably less stressful than apologizing about that gibberish text you sent to your accountant.

If your child is old enough to copy your 4 digit phone login password, change your settings to a longer password or use a thumb print scan login instead.

Create a kid account on your computer that doesn’t require a password and has access to limited applications and documents.

Take the time to review your computer’s standard parental controls. Most systems will let you customize these yourself.

When you’re not using your desktop, put the keyboard away to prevent little fists from slamming down the keys and destroying the hardware.

If kids are going to be playing with you tablet or phone, invest in a good, sturdy (maybe even waterproof) case so you don’t have to worry about your gadgets being dropped.