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Toilet Training Tips

In general, kids are ready to start toilet training between the ages of two and four. Parenting expert Alyson Schafer believes, “each child has a unique developmental timeline telling them when they and their bodies would like to be trained”. A parent of caregiver’s main role is to motivate and support while the child develops skills on their own. Here are some healthy toilet habits that do just that.

Kid friendly bathroom habits:

Ensure that children get into the routine of washing their hands after every visit to the toilet/potty. Even if the visit was unsuccessful, they should be washing, lathering, rinsing and drying.

Never delay a trip to the bathroom. ‘Holding’ urine and bowel movements can lead to daytime wetting and UTIs.

Teach girls to wipe front to back to prevent germs reaching the urethra.

Make sure kids are completely emptying their bladder when they go to the bathroom. This will encourage a healthy bladder and also prevent you from having to take more trips than necessary.

Avoid constipation by making sure the child is eating lots of whole grain foods, fruits, vegetables and lots of water.

Remind children that they should be proud of their accomplishment but don’t forget to flush!

Propper Potty Language