TVO mPower Survey

1. Did you receive the TVO mPower materials sharing news of free online K-6 math games that support the development of math and STEM skills? *
2. Did you find the Teacher Information brochure, which described the benefits of TVO mPower, to be helpful? *
3. Did you distribute the Parent Involvement Committee letter to your school’s committee head? *
4. Did you display the TVO mPower posters in your school? *
5. If yes, where were the posters displayed? *
6. Did you make copies of the Letter to Parents to send them home with your students? *
7. Did you email the Parent Letter to the parents at your school? *
8. Did the educators at your school register (or do they intend to register) their students for TVO mPower online games? *
9. Did you or the educators at your school play any of the TVO mPower games with your classes? *
11. We are always working on programs that help educators teach and children learn in a fun and informative way. Are you interested in receiving similar programs from Together Families in the future? *