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The Benefits of Playing in Nature

In North America, as soon as the frost starts melting away, we throw our parkas into storage and embrace the great outdoors with open arms. Kids start to have classes outside and parents aren’t afraid to walk them home from school. As things start to warm up, it’s nice to be reminded of all the powerful benefits nature can have on adults and children.

Breath deeply…

Playing in large, natural settings is a great way to combat obesity and hyper activity.

Once the ground begins to thaw, have your kids help with the gardening. Plant a few fruits and vegetables like carrots and tomatoes. This will promote a healthy knowledge of nutrition.

Children who participate in green exercise benefit from lower cholesterol, blood pressure and stress.

Children who get to play in large green settings are generally more physically active. If your kids don’t have the opportunity to play outside in daycare or school, take them to a big park on the weekends.

US studies show that students who learn in outdoor classrooms showed improved test scores in several subjects, especially science.

Unstructured play in the wilderness builds self-regulation and the ability to measure risk and reward. Don’t forget that scrapes and bruises are natural and the result of a learned lesson.

Time spent in nature positively impacts children’s creativity and self-esteem.

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