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Are Kids Getting Enough Sleep?

Children all over Canada are going into daycare centres without getting enough rest. RECEs notice when kids are sleep deprived because they often see an inability to focus. Not getting enough pillow time can also interrupt growth, affect mood, and even cause kids to become hyperactive.  Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of 5 methods to get your kids the amount of sleep they need.

Healthy sleep habits:

Set a regular bedtime and stick to it. Children need consistency. Allow enough time for snacks, baths, and stories.

Check the recommended hours of sleep for your child’s age. The National Sleep Foundation says infants require 14-15 hours and toddlers require 11-12 hours.

Spending time in front of a screen before bed will stimulate your child’s mind, which is counteractive in trying to get a child to sleep. Avoid screens at least 2 hours before bed.

A story before bed lets you and your child spend quality quiet time together without getting riled up. Pick a book with a mellow story line and let them doze off to the sound of your voice.

Make sure your child is comfortable in their bed whether that’s with a stuffed animal, a night-light or an open door. If the know you are nearby and available they’re less likely to be scared of monsters under the bed.

Thanks to Naomi Pelss from Seaforth Co-operative Children’s Centre in Ontario for sharing her ideas with TogetherFamilies.com.  Naomi is an RECE and has been working in the childcare field for 16 years.

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